In Association with St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Howell, New Jersey

Your Kind Words Keep Us Going. Thank you!

Good to visit St. George's church again - Vespers were beautiful. CHRIST IS RISEN! Thank you.

Tamara Economou

Thank you for this online candle counter. It makes me feel closer to home and to this wonderful church. May the joy of Pascha fill the hearts of all during this difficult time!

Paula Iwaniuk

Спаси, Господи, души наши! Спасибо за вашу службу и благослови вас Господь.

Victoria Jaryi

Спасибо за ваши молитвы. Очень люблю слушать ваши проповеди, они доходят до самого сердца. Храни Вас Господь!

Olena Kostiuk

XB! Thank You so very much!

Meri Wagner-Aitken

Thank you so much that you continue to stay open! God Bless you! Hopefully we can come to the church very soon!! Thank you again for everything that you do!

Natalie Kandelaki

Thank you for your beautiful service. 🙏

Maria Kudryashov

Hristos Voskrese! Thank you for your prayers.

Suzana Gligic

Спаси Господи за эту возможность!

Zhenya Temidis

Commemoration Slips

As is customary in the Orthodox tradition, the proskomedia is served to commemorate the names of our loved ones; for the health of the living and for the souls of the departed.

Now you can submit your list of names online to be commemorated during a specified liturgy, which will be streaming Live on Facebook.

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